Monday, September 23, 2013

KLON Centaur, Woolly Mammoth + Octavia

Top - Klon Centaur,  Bottom Left - Woolly Mammoth,  Bottom Right - Octavia

 Top Left - Octavia, Top Right - Woolly Mammoth, Bottom - Klon Centaur

Lovepedal Ring Stinger

Here is one of the more complicated of my recent builds. It's a ring modulator based on the ring stinger. Built for Jyrki Lehto of Weepikes.

Two Bass Pedals - Ezekiel 25:17 and Woolly Mammoth

Group of 3 Pedals - Xotic RC boost, Foxx Tone Machine and TS-808

A few pedals I built a long time ago. White one is an Xotic RC boost, Yellow is a Foxx Tone Machine and the Green is a TS-808. The gut shot is the Tone Machine.

Custom four pedals in one box

This is my current set up: includes 2 distortions, a big muff variant and a vox repeater. I use this in conjunction with a uni-vibe clone and a sansamp bass driver.

Custom Tubescreamers (TS-808's)

Two Random TS-808s I built a while ago.

OCD v3 + Custom RAT + Momentary Feedback Footswitch

This was a custom build for a bassist that wanted a version 3 OCD (Left side) and a RAT modified for bass (Right side) in one enclosure both with blend controls and both connected to a momentary feedback footswitch. All in all I was really pleased with how it turned out and so was he. The central knob sets the frequency of the feedback.